Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wide Awake

So its 11pm and I am so wide awake!! Since sleep does not want to come I thought I would give blogging a shot, you know empty my mind. I am slowly coming out of a fog, I feel like, I am living each day rather than letting life just run along, and pull me along behind! I have found my patio as an amazing sanctuary, where I can be with God and the noise around just seems to stop! My children though challenging right now, have been a constant source of joy, and a reminder that despite all my screw ups, I am surrounded by blessings from God! Andy and I have been connected recently, and talking, and open, and just together, and I sense God moving in our marriage to draw us closer to each other and Himself!
Selfishly I got a summer gym membership at my old gym, Gold's. After only a few weeks I miss going in the mornings, and working out, and feeling strong, and fit! I am not a woman of hobbies..I don't sew, craft, paint, play music, or even scrapbook, and I find working out is basically my hobbie! It makes me happy, and it happens to be good for me:)! Also, as a bonus I don't have a million little gadgets I have to store in order to enjoy this hobbie, so it works out well for my minimal lifestyle:).
Well, I guess I really don't have much of interest right now, but this did help settle my mind bit so, YEAH! As a final mention, if anyone would like to pray, I sent out a bunch of packets to conferences around, with my speaking info...big dreams, and only God knows whats ahead there, but they are out there now!

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