Monday, January 12, 2009

Java Java Java

No significance to this other than I realized something today... I have never really understood addictions. Honestly I can't really think of anything I craved on a regular basis..I am not one of those chocolate=life kind of girls, and though I love chips, and anything salty I have lived without them without any kind of withdrawal. So you see I never got how people got addicted to things to the point where they needed them to function properly...not until now that is! When I began working the 4:30 AM shift at BSC I made coffee a regular morning thing, thinking it would just assist me in being allert at such an early hour! Then this morning hit, and as usual I made my coffee, and headed out the door, not realizing until I reached work that I had left my mug of happiness at home:(. At first I was just a little bummed, after all there is something about having a warm drink in the early winter mornings thats comforting...however "a little bummed" quickly moved into an insane level of exhaustion, and period like moodiness! I swear each person coming through the door with their little "cup-of-Joe" was taunting me, laughing at my stupidity for leaving behind my energy source and daring to face the day caffeine free.
It was then my husband entered the scene, looking more attractive than ever, with my starbucks in I excused myself from my shift and headed to meet him, and at last fulfill this burning desire for java, I watched helplessly as my three year old knocked the table holding my very lifeline, pouring its contents all over the waiting room floor. Tears burned my eyes, and just as I am about to contemplate drinking from the well used, under cleaned gym floor, it hits me... I'm an ADDICT!!!
All this to say, Hi my name is Bethany, and I am a Coffe aholic:)!

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