Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I am so one of those people who come to the end of a year, and get all reminiscent about the year that has passed, and get excited about the year to come!! 2008 will be one of those years in my life that will stand apart from other years.. It was the year I led my final winter of games at Monadnock, one of my favorite ministries of all time...it was the first year I was the speaker for a teen girl conference, Authentic Beauty, where God confirmed my passion for speaking to young women...it was the year I faced painful truth about my own family, my past, and God revealed Himself to me as a God of Agape...It has been a year of HUGE changes, living with my parents for a while, leaving MBC after 8 amazing years of ministry there, coming to Chapel of the Cross to work with their incredible youth, changing jobs, house, state, schools....CRAZY changes....a year where God took what began in Jan 08 as an ok friendship with Him, and through towering mountain tops, muddy ditches, a ton of hurt, even more joy, and began molding it into an intimate reltionship with Him!!
So, honeslty as I think about 08 and all it held, I can't decide whether to cry, rejoice in all God has done, or run with my hands high to the theme of "Rocky" just for surviving it...I am thinking all of the above might be in order:)!

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