Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Birthday Wish

I have been reading this book called "Pierced by the Word", and this morning it was talking about pride. It mentioned different ways pride shows itself, and I realized as I was reading just how much pride has a grip on me. I was not really a popular kid growing up, and definitely not the smartest kid in school, so I discovered whit:)... I could joke my way out of any situation where I might come out looking dumb, or being embarrassed! Even if it meant a white lie, or a BIG lie I would talk my way into being right, and sometimes leaving those around feeling embarrassed or dumb! What a horrible habit I have fallen into, and how many I have hurt over the years!! If any of you reading are among that group I am so very sorry! I realized that slowly I have really allowed this pride, to take hold of me and it needs to go!!!
So whats this got to do with a birthday wish? I wonder if you can ask God for something on your birthday? I know realistically speaking you can ask anytime of the year, but since this all came right alongside my birthday, I was thinking what I want more than anything this year, is for my pride to be broken!! I know," never ask for humility or you will receive", but honestly I REALLY need for my pride to be broken, cause I know it will come between me and God, and the more I am coming to know Him the more I am wanting to lay everything down in order to know more!!! I can't afford to hold onto this sin anymore, not matter what the cost of letting go, I want to give it up!

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