Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Job

I began my lifeguarding job Monday, and I have to say for "the most boring job ever" it is the most amazing job I have ever had! I begin at 4:30, and since very few people actually swim at that hour I find myself sitting by the pool, in the silence, reading God's Word, and spending the entire five hours enjoying His presence! I am realizing after only a week, what power the Word of God has, what an amazing love the Father has for us, and what an incredible inheritance we have as believers!!! I ride to work in the morning now so excited for the time I get to spend with my Savior, and desiring so much that as I spend time in His Word, and in prayer that His spirit would work in me, and transform me into His image more and more....a work only He can accomlish!!

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Jillian said...

that is great!! i'm so glad you have this experience! as for life guarding... you just wait until spring... that place will be popping with swimmers... maybe not that early but who knows... maybe God will use you to witness to an early riser/swimmer? anyways... hope all is well!