Friday, February 13, 2009


I am someone who loves to dream, and I get excited about things easily! Andy challenged me a while back about how much I talk about myself, and my dreams, and it really hurt..not like an "ouch I can't believe you would say that", but more of a "ouch, so true".. So I began to focus on the things I was talking about and being careful not to talk about myself so much, and intentional to ask other about themselves! What an amazing difference right away in my conversations, not to mention all the things I began to learn about people I never knew before since I was too busy on me... well, some time has passed, and over time I stopped thinking so much about it, and this week I found myself right back there...all about what God was doing in MY life, and through, ME, and me me me...Ugh! Seriously I am so disgusted with myself and this self centered nature of mine!!
Here I am again, earnestly seeking God, asking that He would again break this in much more growing ahead!! Moving forward!

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Jacinda said...

I totally know what you are talking about..not with you but with me..! Husbands are great at giving you an outsiders view of yourself with in love! I have been discovering the same thing about myself..and it is shameful i find..i just want to rewind and make new impressions with people..but that cant happen so thanks to Gods grace and wisdom..we can change from here on! You are a wonderful person who God is using in a mighty way! Dont get discouraged!! Just allow him to mold you from here on! Love ya