Sunday, February 8, 2009

Set Apart

We have been doing a series with our teen called set apart, and a series with our church about reaching 10,000 people in three years... It all has me thinking more about what my life is counting for, and where I spend my time and energy. It is frustrating when I hear myself say again and again I want to give it all, make a difference, give it all, and then instead of doing better I seem to get worse...more self centered, moody, sinful!
I know I am not satisfied living mostly set apart, and reaching a few people with Christ's love, but now I need to move from the dream, the vision, to the tasks I am called to. I want to begin a Bible study for young women who want to dig deeper, to become women of God, and to live lives that are truly set apart! I want to find an avenue to give to those in need, and touch the lives of people who don't even have basic needs met, and count on those of us who are so incredibly blessed! I want to follow through on things I have committed to do for so long, drama team, coffee dates, taking bigger steps of faith, and getting out of the "boat".
Its ok if this makes no sense to others cause this really was one of those blogs that I write more for myself than others...I need to write it somewhere I can come back to and remind myself!

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Jillian said...

alright so i read this and it was like yes i want to be set apart but if you were to read my blog you would know i am having the hardest time commenting on your blog right now! i want to wish you luck with your endeavors and i will pray for you... i know you dont know me very well and that i seem to always talk to you (i really dont know why i pick you to talk to... i just admire you so i figure why not...i guess) but would you pray for me? i am really stuggling right now and feel so alone. i want so badly to be set apart and feel like i cant be. if not thats fine. hope all is well with you and your family! talk to you later.