Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I am not gonna lie, I am not a fan of PMS. More than discomfort, and slight mood swings I honestly feel like once a month some alter ego rears its ugly head, and I become someone I hate! Its like my flesh takes over and for a brief while I see who I would be aside from the grace of God! The problem is its not a glimpse into a dream its me being this way for real... So, I am confessing this and seeking wisdom...My girl issues are no excuse to b a jerk, and right now I am a jerk ever month right on cue to those poor people who have to live with me...are there practical things to help? Am I alone? Should I hide in a closet a few days each month for the safety of others? Really wanting to know...oh and my appologies to any guys who might stumble upon this, and be completely over informed right this moment...My bad!

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Jillian said...

ok so i saw this and the pharmacist in me came right out... there are remedies to pms.... you have a few options...

there is the clinical route... your gynecologist can prescribe you hormone treatments, like birth control and depo-provera shots, but these do have some side effects... especially the shots... they can increase your risk for breast cancer... so if you have any other prior history that puts you at risk you should try something else and or consult your doctor

then there are herbal supplements... many women have tried them and swear by them... but since everyones body chemistry is different sometimes it doesnt work for every one i have heard great things about evening prim rose oil and chaste tree berry... the way they work is to block the release of prostaglandins that make us females grumpy during the time of the month

and then there are vitamins... some studies have shown that additional supplements of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E can help improve pms.

so i hope that helps... i will pray for you... i know pms is not fun! anyways hope you have a great day and will talk to you later i guess!