Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby Step 1

1)ALWAYS choose to be an encouragement, even if the jab seems almost impossible to resist
I love to make people laugh, and much of the time this comes at the expense of someone else. Its a mix for me of wanting people to laugh, and just plain old insecurity especially around people I do not know well. I don't want to leave the legacy of being the "funny girl", but want to be someone who you walk away from feeling uplifted and encouraged! I chose this today, honestly because I will be spending the day at the pool with the kids, and their uncle, who I have had a long standing friendship with that involves little more than poking fun for the sake of a good laugh. Now if "uncle Peter" decides to read this blog entry I must add, that it hurts me most that I have treated him this way, because of all our family he has been the biggest blessing to my family through friendship, and even service (helping me clean the old house,babysitting), excluding grandparents of course....don't want to get myself in trouble this morning!
My final thought to leave here this morning, my "Consuming Thoughts" this morning... I have a ridiculous amount to be thankful for!! I woke this morning, made my way through this beautiful apartment we call home, past by my sleeping husband who God has reminded me in recent days (yes I have at times forgotten:() is an incredible man of God, and I dare say the best husband a woman could ask for....passing him I made my way out to our balcony, which I must say in itself is such a blessing to have, and sat in our MBC memory chair which never ceases to be a reminder of our AMAZING years serving in that was here sitting in silence, with only the sounds of morning sprinklers, and early migrating birds that I was left in wonder and amazement at my God!! To top of this moment I glance over my left shoulder and see my two children peeking under the blinds in their room waving and smiling the most beautiful smiles in the world.... Yeah, a ridiculous amount to be thankful for!!!

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