Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Do I get up when my alarm goes off, or shut it off and wait for the kids to wake me? Do I read my Bible longer or catch up on facebook? I have been thinking a lot about choices, realizing that sadly I have fallen into a pattern of poor choices throughout my day. Choices based on my human nature to be lazy, self centered, and prideful. I would like to say I am exaggerating or just PMSing, so its probably not as pathetic as I make it sound, but neither would be true. I am truly this pathetic apart from the grace of God!
So, how did I reach this place where my poor choices began to outnumber my good choices, and where is the path that leads out? Unfortunately there is not one choice that was made, and thus would undo this mess I have made...I see a lot of small, insignificant decisions. "Just for this morning I will shut my alarm off and sleep in, I can have my quiet time later in the day"..."I earned at least one lazy day,two lazy days, three lazy days...crap! I am so far behind"..."I will start again tomorrow, I am too tired today"
MY choice this morning is to start making better choices!! One day at a time...commit to make at least one new choice, a better choice than the ones I have been making!!
To get started though there are some Bigger choices I need to make, that may seem insignificant to others, but they are things that have begun to hold me captive to this pattern of waste! 1) I will officially sign off facebook, and all the hours spent watching others live their lives rather than using that time to live the one God has laid out for me... 2)I will not shut off my alarm regardless of the hour I went to bed, but will commit to my alone time with God before my family rises 3)I will accept my Heavenly Father's invitation to a sabbath and end this rat race
Above all else my prayer, is that these new choices will be honoring to God, and that I would live a life that brings glory to HIm!!!

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