Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Challenge...

I was watching the news this morning, and they had this segment on "black friday deals". I couldn't help but think about all the money that is going to be spent this season on material things, flat screen tv's, game systems, and on and on...even in a year they are predicting will fall short of what companies "need" to sell...all this when there are people all around this world who don't even have a home to go to for Christmas, or food to eat, children who have no mom and dad to share christmas with... if we took all the money we spend each christmas on 'stuff', and put it towards REALLY helping others! By helping other I don't mean helping others enjoy their tv better by buying them another one:)... but helping those who really need our help!!
So, thats my Christmas challenge! Not just for you, but for me as well... take what we have, and then some and use it to help those who need our help! Make this Christmas season like none other, a season that is supposed to be about giving and do just that...GIVE!! If you need ideas please write, there are so many opportunies all over, from people right here in the US to those in countries all over this world!! Merry Christmas!!! Hope this is the best Christmas ever for all of you, and for those you reach out too as well!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I just found your blog from Katie's site.

I am not sure if you remember me or not but we go way back. LOL. Back to when I was in love with Andy and a camper at MBC- gosh 12 years ago or something! Now I am married and have been back to MBC as a counsler many many times and we have talked here and there.

Well, anyway, I have a blog too, stop by. Let me know if you remember me. :-) It would be fun to be blogger friends and who knows maybe we could meet in Keene some night at the Olive Garden or Uno's! YUM YUM.

Have a great Thanksgiving!