Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Wanted to thank God for good friends!! After Andy and I married young I struggled with how disconnected we felt from peers, while they finished college, and we prepare to be parents! Now six years later I feel the most blessed I have been in my entire life with Amazing Friends, who love God, and encourage me in my walk with Him!! Thank You God for answering prayer, once again beyond what I even thought possible!!!!


Sarah Sarmento said...

Seems as though we may have switched places recently! I am happy that you have found peace and joy once again in wonderful friends surrounding you! I know endure the struggles you faced years ago and long often for my friends back home, my identity that is set up there, and long for all those to become real here... takes time and prayer I guess!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Is that wedding pictures Jonathan Mason's! He was a boy too I met at camp way way back in the day/made out with and of course "fell in love" with. What a crazy boy crazzzed teenager I was! Anyway, so happy for him. She is lovely!