Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"to will and to work for His good pleasure..."

Romans 7:14-25 "I have the desire to do what is right but not the ability to carry it out"
A simple truth strikes me this morning! The work or sanctification is not something I accomplish in myself, but rather the work of the Holy Spirit within me!!!
I get so frustrated with myself when I continue to give in to the flesh, or fall into things, and my instinct is "try harder Bethany", when really I need to be surrendering once again, and laying things at the foot of the cross...letting God do His work in me instead of trying to stay in control and be what I think God wants me to be!
Surrender is such a tough thing for me honestly! I like to be in control, and know what to expect, and the idea of handing it over to someone, trusting, and relying on freaks me out!
I want to grow in this, and learn to let things go, and not feel as though I need to control everything/everyone around me! This is such a HUGE lesson for me, and its something I cannot do on my own, it will only be the work of the Spirit within me! "Lord this is my prayer today...take control, not my will but your be done..."

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