Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Amazing Experiences...

I was just thinking about some of the amazing things God has allowed me to experience recently... Boston Aids Africa, Fire and Ice (if you have never been...GO!), Wide Awake (check out Andy's new season of ministry, moving to Northborough, being involved in Youth Group at CoTC:)... I'll post some pics to show the fun:)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you left MBC. You will be missed! Glad you are settling in Westborough and sounds like Andy is doing what he loves and is called to do. :-)

I live in Vermont, about 45 minutes from Keene- But, you are not really close to that anymore. I have no clue where Westborough is.

Yeah, your kids are too cute too, I remember seeing them this past winter.

Well, good to see you have a blog and I do too so we can stay conected. I am really in need of Christian friends! I have none- litterally none. My husband and I are the only people in our small church under 40 years old. It is really hard and I often feel down about it-
looks like your blog will be a good place for me. That is why I have also become "blogger friends" with Katie Deese. I was at camp last winter when her husband Cody spoke and we got conected there. After reading her blog and getting linked to there church online I was so depressed about where I was at and the lack of Christians in my area. I begged, I mean, begged my husband to move to Georgia (where she is from)- But of course he said no. Anyway, sorry I am blabbing! Just glad to see your blogs and that I can grow and learn some of what you are writting about.

BACK TO WORK (that is where I am- don't tell!) I am out of here in 15 minutes.

Jillian said...

hey bethany
i wanted to thank you for reading my blog posts... it really means a lot to know im not just writing to the internet!! haha and i also wanted to thank you for the encouragement your blog gives me... i see the way that God works through you in all that you do and the blessings of your life because you live in Him and it gives me sort of a tangible hope to cling on to. I better understand that God blesses His children in ways that make their lives incredible! anyway and just wanted to thank you for sharing that so openly... i am sorry i tend to be an extremely sappy sentimental person when i do get the chance to comment on your blog but i guess its better than hating on you right? haha anyways, thanks for everything... it means a lot! Happy anniversary again and i hope and wish your family the best during the Holiday season. I will be praying for you!