Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Abba's Love

I was talking to Josiah recently about how "We love because He first loved us". I must confess, though the moment was precious, the words themselves were more my reciting words from memory than from my heart! This morning God gave me an interesting glimpse into this thought...
I was dropping Siah off at school when he decided to throw quite a tantrum over a very little thing, and to make a long story short we went from disappointment (we as in Josiah that is), to a digging in stubborn heals refusing to acknowledge the sin. I must add to this, I really struggle with patience with my children, and far to often lose my temper when they are not cooperating, however by the grace of God, this morning was different.
I won't describe the entire story, or conversation Josiah and I ended up having up in his room later, but I will say that I came out realizing that I loved Josiah through a very tough morning, not because I am some kind of amazing loving mom, but because God first loved me! What an amazing love our Father bestows upon us, that we should be called His children!!


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