Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Joseph and that Techno Colored Dream Coat...or something like that

So, I found out I was going to be filling in for one of our leaders tonight doing the speaking for Fushion, and I was handed his notes on the story of Joseph. I began looking them over, and memories began to flood back of little parts of the story I had heard in the past. Suddenly I had this overwhelming desire to take a look into Joseph's life all the way back to when his mom met his dad... I never realized how "R" rated this story really is, I mean seriously, there's murder, rape, incest, not to mention all the times Jacob "went in" to all four wives making babies faster than bunnies on steriods! By the end of my read, which was only to the point where the brothers sold Joseph into slavery, it had read very much like a soap opera/thriller.
A ton of things stuck out to me, little things I did not even remember ever knowing about the story of Joseph, but what spoke to my heart more than anything else was God's working in the chaos. I mean this was the epitomy of a disfuntional family life, and here wa God laying the groundwork for some amazing things later on... That's was my read today in the Word! It was so fun sharing with the teens even if I did have to "filter" some of the story to make it a bit more "PG".

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