Friday, March 13, 2009

Week One Thoughts...

This past weekend I began a fast from TV and Facebook to see what kind of difference I noticed in my daily life! At first it was tough, not gonna lie. I would get home from work, and wonder what I should do first since that was my normal facebook/unwind time, and then at night once the kids were in bed and I was feeling exhausted and braindead to not have the tv to glue myself to. However after only one week, I have observed some amazing things! I actually feel closer to my kids! Instead of spending a half hour or hour on the internet when we get home late morning I found myself hanging with them, and reading books, having conversations, and sitting down for lunch with them instead of putting them in front of the tv so I could "relax". At night, when I would normally crash on the couch in front of American Idol, or a recorded episode of House, I found myseld reading, catching up on housework, preparing myself for the things I needed to do the next day, spending time with Andy, and even getting some extra needed rest at night!
After only a week in, though there are moments I want so badly to just turn on the tv and veg out, or click on facebook and see what the world has been up to, I am realizing just how much I have been missing out on! So, I have decided this is going to continue a while longer (like 30 more days or so), and when I do decide to bring it back I want a healthy plan to limit my use of all my media toys!
PS Best discovery of the kids are really fun to hang out with!!

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