Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Heavenly Man

I have been reading "The Heavenly Man" recently, and its been a tough read for me. I have really been having a tough time, feeling very much in an "emotional blah" and struggling with not getting the things done I should be. Here is this man, suffering the most horrific persecution, not once denying His Savior, and using each opportunity to share God's love. How is it that in a country where I am able to worship freely, and have multiple Bibles in my home, my car, and in most of my bags that are just lying around, that I am not on my knees every day praising God for His Word He has so freely given me!!! I have felt so much shame as I have read, and eve fear at times I have considered what the future holds for me as a believer, if things weren't as free as they are now, and I ever had to face even a small portion of what Brother Yun faced.
So much for me to think about right now, and think through where my mind spends most of its time, and where I am really investing my time and energy...what things I have been procrastinating that should be on top of my list...whats keeping me on my feet and off my knees now, when I know more than ever before in my life that prayer is my most powerful weapon!!

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