Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not just to Serve but to Know

I finished "The Heavenly Man" this morning and I have to say having now read the entire book I recommend it to anyone wanting to be shaken in our "western comfort". I am still processing so much of what I read, and am feeling, but I know I have come from this book with a strong desire to know God at a deeper level. I realize even more how much I NEED a faithful prayer life, time in His Word each and every day, and how CRITICAL it is for me to hide God's Word in my heart!!
After everything this man suffers in Jesus' name he has this to say, "The people who really suffer are those who never experience God's presence." The most amazing thing to me about this book, is that you don't come out praising the name of brother Yun, amazed by what kind of man he was (though I will forever carry a deep love and respect for all he gave to further the Gospel), but rather you come out realizing how AMAZING I did not realize my God is! How often I box Him into my own experiences, or teachings, when not even the most insanely large box I could create in my expansive imagination could even begin to hold my God!!
This is what I want to know...I want to know God outside my box!
"I began to understand that He had a deeper purpose for me than just working for Him. He wanted to know me, and I to know Him, deeply and intimately!"

PS the book is The Heavenly Man (the remarkable true story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun) with Paul Hattaway

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