Saturday, March 21, 2009

God Box

I am ashamed to admit this, especially where others can read, but I have kept God in a box. I have known my God to be an Awesome God, and am so often left in amazement of who I understand Him to be, but in my arrogance I have boxed Him into the realm of my own understanding! As I was reading "Heavenly Man" recently and considering all the incredible God experiences this man shares, I found myself skeptical of those things in his stories that fell outside my own experience, or understanding of how God works. As, I read on I sensed God speaking to my heart, challenging me to break down the walls of this box I have been building for so long! I found myself almost affraid of what I might find outside this box of mine, I mean it wasn't as though I was not willing to expand a bit, give Him some more space to move around, but to completely tear down these walls? It seemed risky, dangerous even, and I was faced with a painful truth..."my god" is too small! I had given myself to God to the point where it seemed "safe", where I could experience His blessings, and admire His awesomeness, but to give everything, all that I am, drop it all and follow Him, no matter what the cost, to obey even if I don't understand, if it falls outside all my previous "experiences" of God? Am I willing to break my God box, face whats outside these walls?

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